[ExI] The USA is number one!

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> Of course Italy has suffered over five times the C-19 death rate per capita compared to the USA, but we don’t talk about per capita,


>…The race between Italy and the US is far from over…


The race?


>…and the death rate for Italy is only doubling every 3 weeks but for the US it's every 5 days. And of course the US has suffered about 20 times the C-19 death rate per capita as compared to China…


It’s a miracle!  Or… not.


>…Oh and that number of 21,668 deaths in the US that I quoted way back in the olden days of 35 minutes ago is now out of date, the new number as of 20:11 GMT is that C-19 has produced 21,952 dead bodies in the US.  …John K Clark



John, please review what you wrote.  I don’t think you intended to, but it comes across as if you are celebrating.



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