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> If you need to keep citing death rates from a flu that originated in China to somehow promote your political views, that is not only a fail, it is an epic fail.


I can believe China could be somewhat fudging its death numbers, but I can not believe it is doing so by a factor of 20…



If it makes you feel any better, I don’t believe the factor of 20 either.  I think it is probably more like a factor of 50.


After this year is over, we can look at the death rates by country, take the delta of this year vs a five year average and estimate that excess as the real Covid-19 numbers.  We can easily see how US numbers can be inflated if desperate hospitals are furloughing workers because of light patient load and the availability of federal funding if the patient is C-19 positive.  Of course that is going to influence the numbers.



> Covid-19 is a disease, not a political talking point.


Yes, and that's why I disagreed with He Who Must Not Be Named when he said Covid-19 was a Democratic hoax dreamed up by liberals after the Ukraine impeachment stuff failed to get rid of him. 


 John K Clark



But he didn’t say that:




The alleged hoax remark was made four weeks after restrictions were put in place for travel from China.  Those restrictions are not consistent with a belief that the virus is a hoax.


Covid-19 is a disease, not a political talking point.






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