[ExI] The USA is number one!

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>  Hospitals are under enormous economic pressure as their customer load is
> way down: elective surgery people are deciding they really don’t need a
> butt-lift all that badly.  Hospitals are suffering from low customer load.

### Hospitals are hemorrhaging money because of all the insane overreaction
to the Chinese virus, with elective surgeries eliminated by fiat, in
expectation of a flood of Covid cases that have not materialized. And the
overreaction happened in part because of overestimates of mortality. And
the overestimates happened, aside from CDC incompetence, due to Chinese

A few Chicom lies, some of them chaotic, some of them well-crafted, dealt a
10 trillion dollar blow to the US. This rivals the boxcutters of 9/11 for
the best damage-inflicted-to-weapon-price ratio.

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