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>> *> Also, why not?  It is within China's power to say it has completely
>> eradicated the coronavirus within its borders, and that all the deaths it
>> is experiencing are due to other causes - or even to claim that death has
>> taken a holiday*
> China has the power to say whatever it wants but it is not omnipotent,  if
> 20 times as many people are dying from the virus than what they say and
> they reopen their economy then that discrepancy between fact and fiction
> will become very VERY obvious to the entire world almost immediately
> because truth is more important than public relations and nature can not be
> fooled.

Actually, to China, public relations is more important than truth.  Has
been for ages, apparently for millennia.  Their history has been, in part,
about a civilization stubbornly unwilling to acknowledge the existence, let
alone the importance, of objective, verifiable truth.  (Individuals have
been willing.  In recent times when this has become more feasible, many
such individuals wound up leaving, for places more appreciative of their
point of view.)

some of the evidence, but that hasn't stopped China from just claiming

So I can very easily believe that China's numbers bear zero relation to the
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