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Did you read your own article?

“Based on budgetary requests from the Department of Justice to Congress and other documents, it appears that presidential emergency action documents were revised in the late 1980s, in the 2000s and again starting in 2012 and continuing into the Trump administration. The latest numbers available suggest there are between 50 and 60 such documents in existence.”

So they are update probably every 10 years. 

> even 2001 is scientifically far too old for a tactic to fight bioterrorism 

I find it difficult to believe that our governmental assets and mobilization strategies would change so violently in a 10 year period as to become completely irrelevant. 

This agency contacts that agency. That phone tree is activated. The emergency declaration is signed. Congress is informed in this manner. We use this bunker here. We close all blast doors on mountain bases. We contact these allies in this order. The other team is activated.

Seems like it wouldn’t change dramatically over ten years, and the emergency power declarations likely wouldn’t either. 

SR Ballard

> The cold war didn't end till 2001? Never mind it doesn't matter, even 2001 is scientifically far too old for a tactic to fight bioterrorism to be relevant; the reason those documents are being kept secret from the American people has nothing to do with science, it's because they know the people wouldn't like it and to them politics is far more important than truth.
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