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*> I find it difficult to believe that our governmental assets and
> mobilization strategies would change so violently in a 10 year period as to
> become completely irrelevant. *

Given the huge advance in biological knowledge I find it remarkably easy to
believe a plan to stop bioterrorism that was 10 years old would be utterly

> *This agency contacts that agency. That phone tree is activated. *

I'll be damned if I know why knowledge of a phone tree would help a
terrorist spread a pandemic faster, but I find it very easy to understand
why the powers that be wouldn't want certain people to know about the
extraconstitutional stuff mentioned in those documents, and it's not
terrorists they're worried about it's the American people, they don't want
them to know those embarrassing details.

> > *The emergency declaration is signed. Congress is informed in this
> manner. We use this bunker here. We close all blast doors on mountain
> bases. We contact these allies in this order. The other team is activated.*

Those decisions are pretty obvious, a terrorist could figure them out on
his own if he thought it was worth his time, although I can't imagine why
he would.

John K Clark

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