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>>… A communist dictator can do anything he wants. 


>…No he can not. A communist dictator like Mr. Xi does not have the power to bend the laws of nature and reality to his wishes, and neither does a wannabe Fascist dictator like He Who Must Not Be Named…


Mr. Xi controls the press.  He can have people executed for posting things he doesn’t like.  We don’t know what is going on in China, and may never know what happened.  I don’t see how we could ever know if most of their population caught C-19 and 1% died.  Of course their productivity would drop, but so is everyone else’s.


> POTUS has nowhere near the power


But he does have the power to tell the truth if he wishes …John K Clark



OK so don’t listen to him.  Wasn’t that easy John?  That’s the strategy I take.  The information coming of DC is sound and fury, signifying nothing.  I don’t listen to the daily briefings and don’t know what is said there.  I don’t intend to take it up now.  


Governments cannot stop this.  No government successfully stopped it.  International travelers carried C-19 everywhere on the globe before they knew what it was.  Over time, infection rates and death rates converge to similar numbers, regardless of government actions.



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