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>> *> How would it be obvious if the Chinese understated their numbers by a
>> factor of 50?*
> Because if things were 50 times worse in China than what they claim that
> would mean that even when everybody was under strict quarantine, much
> stricter than anything seen in the west, the epidemic would still be raging
> at a rate not seen since medieval times, so when they stop the quarantine
> to restart their economy the epidemic would very quickly escalate to
> Stephen King levels never seen before on this planet, and their huge
> economy would be permanently destroyed. The idea you could keep something
> that astronomically huge secret from the world is absolutely ridiculous
So are you saying you believe the Chinese numbers in a city of 11 million?
You truly believe that China has ~89K total cases despite THEIR mishandling
of the initial crisis and attempted cover ups (that I'll point out again
have cost Western lives).   Not only did they allow travel out of country
knowing what it would mean, they also covered up human to human
transmission until it was impossible to hide any longer.  If you want to be
pissed at someone, blame the CCP for this mess.  From the VERY beginning,
they were bad actors and the WHO were willing participants in their

US deaths will likely total around ~60K based on current estimates.  While
anyone personally impacted is the victim of a terrible tragedy, those
numbers still add up to a bad flu season, like it or not, and we should be
asking ourselves how much economic damage we are going to tolerate in
flattening the curve, and how many liberties we are willing to lose.   Once
the healthcare system is better prepared to deal with this, we should be
letting this thing burn itself out in the general population with those at
highest risk taking more extraordinary steps to remain safe.
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