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>…The Chinese shamefully tried to cover up and minimize things in the early days so the real numbers may be higher than that, but if they were 50 times higher as Spike says, 50 times higher even with the strictest quarantine in the world, then when they went back to normal, opened up and tried to restart the economy, there would be a biological supernova and well..., you tell me how they could keep a billion or so deaths and zero exports a secret. They're totalitarians not omnipotent Gods.  John K Clark





A factor of 50 under-reporting by China would be about 4 million cases with about 40k deaths.  We would scarcely notice that in a country of 1.4 billion people, about 3 deaths per million proles. 


If they have a huge new outbreak after they restart their economy, then we might find most people don’t suffer much or not at all, others perish.  Time will tell, but China has a manufacturing economy, so they don’t really have the option of staying closed very long.



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