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> I have been doing some what-if thinking.
> China is watching the goings on in Hong Kong and so are the commies running
> the government over there.  It is getting pretty easy to envision the
> Chinese people deciding that freedom of speech business would be a nice
> thing to have.  Perhaps they are collectively thinking how nice it would be
> if they could post anything they want on the internet and not need to worry
> it might cost them their lives.
> So what if... this whole virus catastrophe really is as bad as I think it
> is
> now.  Recall what happened in 1986 when the power plant exploded in
> Chernobyl and the commies tried to cover it up.  If you talk to Ukranians
> who were there (I have close friends who were) and Russians, many will
> agree
> that was the one event that really changed everything.  Ukraine just didn't
> want this anymore.  The ball started rolling right then, and didn't stop
> until the communist party in Russia was overthrown and replaced.
> If the virus really does slay as many proles in China as I think it is
> going
> to, those 1.4 billion proles may decide they don't want this anymore.  They
> want freedom of speech, they want the right to bear arms, they want the
> kinds of freedoms Americans have taken for granted since forever.  Do let
> us
> hope.

Do not conflate free speech with “the right to bear arms”. The latter is a
peculiarly American idea. The rest of the world for the most part thinks
it’s crazy.

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