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If the virus really does slay as many proles in China as I think it is going
to, those 1.4 billion proles may decide they don't want this anymore.  They
want freedom of speech, they want the right to bear arms, they want the
kinds of freedoms Americans have taken for granted since forever.  Do let us


>…Do not conflate free speech with “the right to bear arms”. The latter is a peculiarly American idea. The rest of the world for the most part thinks it’s crazy.


Stathis Papaioannou



Stathis, without the right to bear arms, the people have no rights at all, but rather only a list of grudging permissions which may be taken away at the government’s whim.


There are Americans who will argue Americans’ civil rights can be rescinded at the government’s whim, but those will all have a common characteristic: they have not exercised their right to be armed.



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