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If a policeman tries to arrest you for something that you think is unconstitutional, you don’t have the right to shoot him, or even threaten to shoot him. You will likely be punished if you shoot him or threaten to shoot him even if it is subsequently agreed in court (in a case separate from your criminal trial) that the policeman was acting on laws that were unconstitutional.


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Stathis of course.  Police are generally good people and know the law a lot better than average citizens.  All of them I know are good guys.  They know what they can do and what they cannot do.  I have no quarrels with law enforcement.


A good case in point: the local police were sent around to encourage any remaining open non-essential businesses to close up and go home.  The gun shops stayed open (and still are.)  The mayor and council argued around about it for a while, then decided to let it go.


California is one of those states which chose to pull rank on the Fed based on the 10 amendment in the area of marijuana.  If the state can pull 10th amendment rank on the Fed, then the cities can pull 9th amendment rank on the state.  Most cities decided to leave the gun shops to their booming business, at trade levels not seen since the days of the previous POTUS, whose name I cannot recall at the moment, the most successful gun salesman in history.  The current POTUS is terrible for gun sales, a catastrophe for that industry.



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