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>…But “the right to bear arms” does not protect other rights, as you claimed, unless there is an additional right to use the arms against agents of the state who the individual believes are acting unconstitutionally. If the police decided to force the gun shops to close the gun shop owners would not have had the right to shoot the police on the grounds that in their opinion the police are acting unconstitutionally.


Stathis Papaioannou



Oh OK I see what you meant, cool.  We were on two completely different topics.


Times like these are unusual, so the legalities are not well known, but gun shop owners are specialty lawyers in a way.  The constables who come to ask them to close have only the option of issuing a 50 dollar fine if they refuse, a misdemeanor, where constables do not use force.  That task of closing businesses has nothing to do with the right to bear arms.  The cops fully recognize (and support) the right to bear arms, and the rights of the steady stream of customers walking out with guns and ammo.  Cops don’t want to raid a home unarmed where they suspect the homeowner is armed.  That would be very dangerous.


The California governor issued orders that non-essential businesses close.  Gun shops point out that they are essential businesses, because a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state.  California is a free state, always has been, even before 1863 when Mr. Lincoln declared all states free.  The gun shops arm the militia.  The militia is necessary.  Therefore the gun shops are necessary.  They can stay open.  The constables chose to not fight that in court.



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