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*> Stathis, without the right to bear arms, the people have no rights at
> all,*

And that's why today life in New Zealand, Canada and Denmark is
indistinguishable from what life was like under Stalin in the USSR or in
Nazi Germany,..... oh wait...

> *> but rather only a list of grudging permissions which may be taken away
> at the government’s whim.*

But things are very different in America because the US army knows that an
angry redneck with a shotgun could easily destroy a M1 Abrams battle tank
or a F-22 jet fighter. Because of this 19,510 Americans had the freedom to
get murdered last year (6 per 100,000) but only 660 Canadians had that
privilege (1.6 per 100,000).

I said it before I'll say it again, regardless of how beautiful a theory is
if it doesn't fit the facts it must be abandoned.

*> There are Americans who will argue Americans’ civil rights can be
> rescinded at the government’s whim,*

That is true. I've even heard of an American who I believe happens to be
the head of the government's executive branch say "*I have the right to do
anything*" and "*I have the right to do a lot of things that people don’t
even know about*" and "*The federal government has absolute power*" and "*When
somebody is the president of the United States their authority is total*."
But we have rednecks with shotguns so we have no need to worry.

John K Clark
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