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*> Gun shops point out that they are essential businesses, because a
> well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state. *

Regardless of what the Constitution says it is crystal clear that a
militia is NOT necessary to the security of a free state. And the vast
majority of gun shop customers are not part of a militia, well-regulated or

And besides, what exactly did the framers of the Constitution mean by
"arms"? It is usually difficult to say what they were thinking 250 years
ago but in this case I believe we can definitely say they were NOT thinking
about AK47's, they were thinking about muzzle loading muskets and single
shot flintlock pistols. So is a 50 caliber machine gun an "arm"? Is a nerve
gas grenade an "arm"? Are there any limits or does the second amendment
allow Walmart to sell H-bombs in their Armageddon department next to

  John K Clark
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