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> Gun shops point out that they are essential businesses, because a well-regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state. 


>…Regardless of what the Constitution says it is crystal clear that a well-regulated militia is NOT necessary to the security of a free state…


John, starting out a post with the comment “…Regardless of what the Constitution says…” is not a good way to develop credibility.  I regard what the Constitution says.  I am highly regardful of what the constitution says.  I am highly regardful of the constitution regardless of what you say, but I support your right to say it anyway.


I am exercising my constitutional rights at this moment, to post freely my comments without worrying that I can sit in prison for arbitrary lengths of time as government agents read over my voluminous posts on the internet deciding if I will live or die.  Reason: the constitution insures me the right to free speech.  Reason we have the right to free speech: we have the right to bear arms.


>…And the vast majority of gun shop customers are not part of a militia, well-regulated or otherwise…   John K Clark


Indeed?  The vast majority of the gun shop customers are not male between the ages of 17 and 45?  Have you visited a gun shop and made some kind of survey in which you inquired regarding the customers’ gender and age?  Last time I was over there, most of the customers were the militia.


>…And besides, what exactly did the framers of the Constitution mean by "arms"?


The framers had just survived a bitter struggle against tyranny with only muzzle-loading flintlocks.  Those guys would have loooooved modern military arms.  The fact that we have those now is why we don’t face the risk of a modern civil war as well.  Modern military arms and the presence of the militia is why we aren’t at war with ourselves right now as our own government is at war with itself.  The militia protects the peace.






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