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>…I sure as hell do not trust the current head of the US government, but most rednecks with shotguns believe every word he says with religious fervor, so I don't trust them either…


I see, so you have done some kind of survey of rednecks with shotguns, so you are an authority on what most rednecks with shotguns believe?  Indeed?  Do share your survey results please.


In order to show racial sensitivity, I feel these shotgun-wielders should be referred to as necks of color.

>> The angry redneck and the military are on the same side.


>…Then why the hell do we need the damn redneck and his idiotic shotgun?


Are you suggesting we must do away with necks of color?  Or only the necks of color with shotguns?  Some of those necks of color may have arms much more sincere that shotguns, and many have both a shotgun and a long-range rifle.  Are you volunteering to go do away with these necks?  


In any case, your comment demonstrates why we have a second amendment: it’s to protect those of us who are necks of color against those who wonder why we need necks of color.  We need us to protect us.  It works.


>…And that's why millions of Canadians were murdered last year.... oh wait.... John K Clark


The Canadian government is not at war with itself.  The US government is.  But the American people are at peace with ourselves, because we have the means to protect ourselves.




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