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Tue Apr 14 13:30:29 UTC 2020

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> > *John, I had perceived you as a guy who doesn’t trust the US
> government. *

I sure as hell do not trust the current head of the US government, but most
rednecks with shotguns believe every word he says with religious fervor, so
I don't trust them either.

>>…But things are very different in America because the US army knows that
>> an angry redneck with a shotgun…
> *> The angry redneck and the military are on the same side.*

Then why the hell do we need the damn redneck and his idiotic shotgun?

>>…Because of this 19,510 Americans had the freedom to get murdered last
>> year (6 per 100,000)…

> *Had we no right to bear arms, that number would have been in the
> millions. *

And that's why millions of Canadians were murdered last year.... oh wait....

John K Clark
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