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> *> John, starting out a post with the comment “…Regardless of what the
> Constitution says…” is not a good way to develop credibility. *

Why the hell not?! The Constitution was written by human beings and it is
not the word of God, it's full of compromises and errors and I'd even say
as originally written before its many amendments and judged by today's
standards (which I admit is not entirely fair) it was an evil document.
And I stand by every word I said, the Constitution does not have a monopoly
on the truth nor does it give us a unique insight into the nature of
reality, and the evidence clearly shows that a well-regulated militia is
NOT necessary to the security of a free state. It is one thing to respect
the Constitution it is quite another thing to worship it, the only thing I
worship is the scientific method.

> >>…And the vast majority of gun shop customers are not part of a militia,
>> well-regulated or otherwise…

*Indeed?  *

Yes indeed.

*> Have you visited a gun shop and made some kind of survey in which you
> inquired regarding the customers’ gender and age?*

No I have not. I have not inquired how many zipper factories there are in
Paraguay either.

>> …And besides, what exactly did the framers of the Constitution mean by
>> "arms"?
*> The framers had just survived a bitter struggle against tyranny with
> only muzzle-loading flintlocks. *

Then why does Joe Redneck need anything more, why does he need a AK-47? And
you didn't answer my question, are there any limits or does the second
amendment allow Walmart to sell H-Bombs?

* > Modern military arms and the presence of the militia is why we aren’t
> at war*

And you didn't answer my other question either, if the crackpot militias
and a modern professional army are really on the same side then why on
earth do we need the redneck's shotgun?

> * > with ourselves right now as our own government is at war with itself.
> The militia protects the peace.*

The only well regulated militias in the US are the National Guard, the Navy
Militia, and 23 state militias. Most of the others are crackpots and are
not regulated at all, the 2 largest are the  Oath Keepers
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oath_Keepers>  and the Three Percenters
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Three_Percenters>, neither one exactly gives
me a warm and fuzzy feeling, in fact I'd trust them about as far as I could
comfortably spit out a rat.

John K Clark
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