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I have no idea what you are talking about (re militia).






Are you not male?  Were you not between the ages of 17 and 45 for 28 years?  Me too.



>…If millions of lives are being saved by people having weapons why is 'homeowner shoots intruder' fairly rare?


Because the bad guys know any time they intrude into any home, that home might have exercised their second article rights, so that might well be the bad guy’s last day at the office.  They go into alternative occupations.  


If OSHA would step up and require all homeowner weapons to be non-functional, the occupation of home intruder would be so much safer, millions would take up that trade, resulting in the deaths of the homeowners.  We save the lives of the bad guys by making their trade too dangerous.  Then they take up safer and often honest professions, at which time they are no longer bad guys.


The constitution outranks OSHA, so millions of lives are saved.


 Have you had your coffee yet?


bill w


I have, thanks!  Marvelous stuff it is.  We didn’t drink it as much in the olden days, but taxation got out of hand, the Boston boys dumped the tea into the harbor, we switched over to coffee and I like it better than tea anyway.






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