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> *> Automatic firearms are damn hard to license.*

Why isn't the same thing true for semi-automatic firearms? A bolt action
rifle was good enough for all infantry soldiers in the first world war and
good enough for the Germans and Japanese and British in the second, why
isn't it good enough for home protection?

 > *Most states disallow them*

That would certainly be a very wise thing for them to do, but do you think
It's constitutional? Does that mean you think the second amendment has
limits, or to maintain consistency do you still feel compelled to defend
the retail sale of Nerve Gas and H-Bombs at Walmart?

*> are you the kind of person who holds others in contempt without any
> particular reason?*

No, I need a particular reason to hold someone in contempt, being
contemptible would do the trick.

> *> The Electoral College protects us from all manner of evil.*

If California was as conservative as Wyoming and Wyoming as liberal as
California I don't believe you'd be saying that. And the Electoral College
sure as hell didn't protect us from the evil that resides at 1600
Pennsylvania Avenue right now.

>>… And I don't think religious freedom should have been specifically
>> mentioned…
> *> I do.*

Why? There are a infinite number of things you can do with freedom of the
press and freedom of assembly, what makes talking to an invisible man in
the sky fundamentally different from all the others?

>>… Oh and I don't think slavery was a very good idea either.
> *> I agree.  See Amendment 13.  My ancestors fought to establish that
> amendment.*

OK you got me on that one, my ancestors fought to continue slavery.
Fortunately they lost. And one of my ancestors was hanged for grave
robbery, but I don't think that was as disgraceful.

>> …You agree completely with every single word? Don't you think a black
>> man might be worth a little bit more than 3/5 of a white man…
> *> The constitution doesn’t say anything about color.  Where are you
> getting these terms “white” and “black” please?  Neither word is found
> anywhere in the constitution, *

Come on Spike, don't you think you're being a tad disingenuous here?

 John K Clark
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