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>  But I have followed gene engineering for decades.  I can state
> from such personal knowledge that making this virus in a lab is beyond
> the state of the art.  Not really far beyond the state of the art but
> it is at least 5 years out and more likely ten years.  The showstopper
> would be designing the entry protein.

### Making the C-19 virus is trivially easy, if you have a library of viral
samples from various species. Just PCR, ligate, package and infect. No need
to evolve new proteins.

I used to think that the Chinese virus happened naturally, was collected
from an infected wild animal and then accidentally transferred to humans at
the Wuhan Institute of Virology. However, according to recent reports the
WIV has for years been generating multiple new SARS variants for research
purposes. Furthermore, the work was done in a biosafety level 2 (BSL-2)
lab, rather than in the BSL-4 lab, which makes it incredibly sloppy and

So the Chinese virus is actually CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus.

China is a great nation in the grip of an evil force.

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