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> Given the ignorant a-holes attacking asian americans for no other reason
>> than this virus was first identified in Asia,  perhaps the embassy wanted
>> filthy Americans to gtfo - for exactly the reason you noticed about how
>> well our culturally conditioned stupidity turns information into behavior.
> ### Attacks on Americans of Asian descent motivated by fear of the Chinese
> virus? This sounds like a CNN lede. Did it actually happen? Not another
> fake hate crime story?

So "fake news"?

If i read that a bar in houston's chinatown is giving away free beer upon
showing a receipt from any of the local chinatown businesses because people
are avoiding that part of the city, out of ignorance and fear... is it so
difficult to imagine misdirected frustration could turn violent?

 I've seen fb posts "fuck china" from people who i know haven't been more
than 50 miles from their rural American home their whole life.

But you're right,  i wasn't personally attacked and was not firsthand
accounting any violence towards asians.  From the position that you can't
trust news, no gay people have been beaten or killed for being gay and
nobody is ever robbed or killed in cities, and I've never seen anyone die
from covid.

I lead a very privileged life where nothing interesting happens... i guess
i'm good with that.

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