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> So "fake news"?
> If i read that a bar in houston's chinatown is giving away free beer upon
> showing a receipt from any of the local chinatown businesses because people
> are avoiding that part of the city, out of ignorance and fear... is it so
> difficult to imagine misdirected frustration could turn violent?

### Ignorance? The Chinese virus was brought to the US by travelers, many
of them travelers from China. In the absence of testing it's a reasonable
presumption that your risk of getting infected by a Chinese virus is higher
in Chinatown, at least initially. Does avoiding Chinatown make you into an
"ignorant asshole"?

So did this "misdirected frustration" actually turn violent? Is there a
spike in anti-Asian hate crimes? How many Asians have been victimized
recently? Who were the perpetrators? Anything similar to the Rodney King

Anti-American, leftist mass media (I am repeating myself here) promote the
narrative of Americans being just bad, hateful people. When the facts on
the ground do not fit the story, when the supply of real hate crimes does
not meet the demand, there are many Jussie Smollets willing to create fake
ones. That's why I am highly suspicious of those ritual condemnation
stories about the ugly mainstream Americans, ignorant assholes, stupid,
filthy and rural.

>  I've seen fb posts "fuck china" from people who i know haven't been more
> than 50 miles from their rural American home their whole life.
### Well, the CCP fucked us and the rest of the world royally. It's time
for some disengagement, for mounting a defense against the economic warfare
Chicoms employed against the US.

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