[ExI] More deaths from COVID-19 than Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined

Dylan Distasio interzone at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 14:53:36 UTC 2020

John, as usual you are being over dramatic here.  Current estimates for
this outbreak in the US are at bad flu season levels.  Many people end up
asymptomatic, and most people who do not have underlying comorbidities or
who are not elderly (who frequently have 1 or more comorbidities) recover
without the need for hospitalization or ventilation.

We're going to have much larger problems to deal with if we don't start to
reopen the economy once we're on the far right side of the curve.   The
current hide in your hole scenario is not sustainable past the end of May,
and quite frankly I don't expect people to put it up with much longer.
 They are already protesting in Michigan over the particularly draconian
measures put in place by the idiot currently running that state.

I'm not trivializing anyone personally impacted by this disease, and every
death is a great loss, but we have to make decisions at a societal level
here, and keeping the entire economy shut is not sustainable.

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> *> I fail to see why people are freaking out about the virus when they
>> have been so silent about issues that--by the numbers--are far worse.*
> Because deaths from cigarettes and obesity are not increasing
> exponentially, deaths from this novel virus are. The US didn't get its
> first death from COVID-19 until March 1. Yesterday April 15  2,482
> Americans died of it. And nobody is sure when it will stop. And you expect
> business as usual?
>  John K Clark
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