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My former college roommate was an electrical engineer but went into
management, rose up thru the ranks, earned a PhD in operations research,
retired, took up teaching 7th grade science at a small private school in
Tennessee just east of Chattanooga (he's that kind of guy.)  He was hit by
the tornado Monday but his house was OK, broke down some trees and minor
structural damage to a toolshed from a falling branch.


While I was on his Face Book page, I saw this, written a coupla weeks ago:




This year I began a grand adventure as a 7th grade science teacher at
Collegedale Academy. Right after Christmas break we were studying infectious
diseases. So I began sharing with my classes the data from a novel
Coronavirus in China. This was a month before the WHO designated it
COVID-19. My students kept asking me when I was going to stop talking about

As soon as we finish the chapter on infectious disease, I stopped talking
about it.

Just before spring break I gave one last update: WHO had designated COVID-19
a pandemic and the NBA had suspended all games.

We also told the students that they were getting a 2 week spring break and
that they needed to take all their books and journals home in case we needed
to switch to online classes.

This week we have been putting all of our classes online. Today we had an
optional practice zoom meeting with my home room. Most of my students
participated. Monday we begin classes online. The adventure grand continues.




spike again: Cool, we are having mixed success with online learning here,
but I would call it more success than failure.  Plenty of both.  Our scouts
are doing well with it: we are still doing ranks and badges over email and
video.  The schools are reporting mostly successful results, with a small
percentage of students who have never logged on or demonstrated any form of
participation in the online program since 17 March, in spite of the school
offering free ChromeBooks and internet to anyone who wants them.



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