[ExI] More deaths from COVID-19 than Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined

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Thu Apr 16 17:24:15 UTC 2020

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> *> I fail to see why people are freaking out about the virus when they
>> have been so silent about issues that--by the numbers--are far worse.*
> Because deaths from cigarettes and obesity are not increasing
> exponentially, deaths from this novel virus are.

Completely ignoring a huge piece of information--covid pretty much has a
maximum death count.  2 million in US with no distancing (so they say).
The deaths from tobacco are many fold higher and have no sign of ending any
time soon.  You're acting like covid could exponentially increase forever.
You understand the models, yes?  There is a peak.  There is a highest
estimate for deaths.  For tobacco, no such peak--just an ever climbing

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