[ExI] More deaths from COVID-19 than Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined

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> *> This is not the Spanish flu. *
> That's true it's not the Spanish flu, it's not even a variation of the
> Spanish flu, it's not the flu at all, it's something completely new under
> the sun; so optimistic predictions about this unknown quantity and the
> point at which the death rate will stop growing don't fill me with a lot of
> confidence. I hope the optimists are right, but I don't want to bet my like
> on it.
>> * > The CFR for COVID-19 is MUCH lower. *
> That's just a guess because nobody knows what the true fatality rate of
> the 1918 flu was or what this 2020 virus is either because nobody knows how
> many people had mild cases that were never reported; in 1918 you had to be
> pretty damn sick before you were even diagnosed with having the disease
> which would drive the CFR up.  And even if the CFR for COVID-19 is MUCH
> lower that doesn't necessarily mean the number of dead bodies would be much
> lower too, it wouldn't be if COVID-19 is MUCH more infectious than the flu
> and we know so little about it that remains a possibility.
>  John K Clark
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I feel like you're talking from a month ago.  Seems like we have a pretty
good handle on everything now, including models.  It's not gonna be so

Why are you living in hate and fear?  That will kill you just like a
virus.  Chill out dude
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