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> Agreed. And let’s consider abolishing prisons too:
> https://c4ss.org/content/30340

That link kept teasing but didn't actually answer the question, "And
replace them with what?"  So, if you're promoting that point of view, I ask
that question of you.

Let us say there is an individual who routinely burgles houses for a
living.  What is to be done to make said individual stop doing this?  The
court and penal system is presented as a preferred alternative to
aggrieved people lynching and executing a suspected or alleged burglar.

How shall we deter murder - especially deliberate assassination by private
individuals accountable to no one or almost no one?

What is to be done about rapists?

And that's just some of the basic types of crime.  Drugs might be
decriminalized, hate crimes might result in counseling (or lead to an
assessment of mental disorders), but these measures by themselves are a far
cry from abolishing all prisons.
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