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> >>… The only real militias are the National Guard and the Navy militia…
> *> On the contrary.  Read the legal definition of militia, 10US code 246,
> b.2.*

Spike, I'd rather have my teeth pulled. Just because some brainless
political bozo from Bumblefuck Arkansas writes something called "10US code
246, b.2." doesn't change the reality that most males between the ages of
17 and 45 have never even heard of a militia much less think they're in
one. And as a practical matter the aforementioned males have no need to
ever read an obscure document like "10US code 246, b.2." nor does any other
human being. I pity the poor trees that have pointlessly given their lives
so millions of copies of
"10US code 246, b.2." that nobody will ever read could be printed out that
I'm sure must exist and be gathering mold in a government warehouse

> >… the others are just a gaggle of white supremacist…
> *> John are you resorting to racism now?*

I'm saying I'd be embarrassed to be associated with any "unorganized
militia" that actually exist in something other than a politician's mind, and
I'm surprised and disappointed you don't feel the same way.

>>…just because some jerkwater politician writes a law that says every male
>> between 17 and 45 is a member of a militia does not make that a reality…
> *> That makes it the law. *

And with that law and some cream you could have peaches and cream,... if
you had some peaches.

 John K Clark
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