[ExI] Why is there more matter than antimatter?

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We have evidence that the laws of nature aren't the same for matter and
antimatter (of course, we don't know the reason for so). The asymmetry
problem, I think, is similar to the C-reversed, P-reversed, and T-reversed
universe combinations, not all of them can exist. Similarly, antimatter
particles, in principle, should be perfect mirror images of matter.
However, the kaons effect is rare today, can we say the same for the early

The asymmetry you mention in the 1964 experiment, also happens in D-mesons.

Perhaps, the source of quark-asymmetry isn't the reason, and there is some
other unknown (so far) source contributing to the matter-antimatter

Antiproton decelerator's
<https://home.cern/science/accelerators/antiproton-decelerator> work could
be relevant in the coming years to this.


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> Why is there more matter than antimatter when the properties of the 2
> things seem symmetrical? Back in 1964 a particle called the "kaon" was
> discover that showed the symmetry between the two was not quite perfect and
> slightly favored matter over antimatter, but kaons are rare and that effect
> was much too slight to explain why the Big Bang didn't annihilate nearly
> all the matter in the universe. But now in today's issue of the journal
> Nature indications of a far larger discrepancy was found between neutrinos
> and antineutrinos, and matter is winning. More muon neutrinos are
> oscillating into electron neutrinos than muon antineutrinos are oscillating
> into electron antineutrinos. The evadens is only 3 sigma so there is still
> one chance in a thousand it's just a statistical fluke and 5 sigma (one in
> a million) is required to officially claim a discovery but it's still a
> pretty big deal.
> Constraint on the matter–antimatter symmetry-violating phase in neutrino
> oscillations <https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-020-2177-0>
> John K Clark
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