[ExI] More deaths from COVID-19 than Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined

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>…So for example it would be constitutional to make individual ownership of anything more advanced than a revolver or a bolt action rifle illegal…


No worries, there are revolvers and bolt action rifles that are more advanced than anything currently going out the door at the gun shop today: the titanium firing pin for instance.  Note that the AR-15 design was mature in the 1960s when the military adopted a variant.  Newer models of firearms of all types would be considered more advanced since they were introduced later.


A common characteristic of those who would infringe on the militia’s choice of firearms is a stunning ignorance of the subject.  They don’t go to the local gun shop and listen, they don’t go to the shooting range.  Perhaps they fear they will discover the people there are not ignorant stupid rednecks with shotguns.  They may discover that which they have long believed and attempted to sell to others is not so.  Horrifying!


>… as those things would still be more advanced than the original intent of the framers of the Constitution, when they wrote that document they were thinking about single shot flintlock pistols and muzzle loading muskets…John K Clark


On the contrary, they were thinking about arming the militia.  It is clearly stated right there in Article 2.  They don’t specify what arms are to not be infringed.


I checked with Walmart, they don’t have a nuclear weapons aisle.  They suggested talking to China to buy that kind of thing.



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