[ExI] More deaths from COVID-19 than Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined

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*> high-yield thermonuclear weapons would very effectively deter the
> sheriff from arresting you, as long as you are serious about that "Live
> free or die" thing. However, your attempt at a reductio ad absurdum doesn't
> provide a strong argument against gun ownership.*

True, but that reductio ad absurdum is a strong argument against the case
that the Second Amendment is absolute, and it's a strong argument in favor
of differentiating between what is an "arm" and what is a "weapon of mass
destruction". So for example it would be constitutional to make individual
ownership of anything more advanced than a revolver or a bolt action rifle
illegal, as those things would still be more advanced than the original
intent of the framers of the Constitution, when they wrote that document
they were thinking about single shot flintlock pistols and muzzle loading

 John K Clark
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