[ExI] More deaths from COVID-19 than Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined

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> The militia isn’t about the police or fighting the army or any of that.  That isn’t what the second amendment is about.  The police, the militia and the army are all allies


>…But I thought the second amendment was about making sure the government never gets too big for their britches…


That’s right.  That is why it has never happened: the government has never gotten too big for its britches.  


The second amendment protects the other rights.  It serves to remind the government who they are working for and who is paying them: we the people are doing that.  The government works for us.


I do recommend a trip down to the local gun shop.  Speak little, listen much.


>…if so then it only becomes useful when the army and the militia are NOT on the same side…


Not at all.  As long as the military exists, the militia isn’t called upon to maintain the security of the free state.  The military does that.  The militia is for when the military isn’t there.


>… and even then it's not very useful because we're right back to redneck with shotgun versus M1 Abrams Battle Tank. John K Clark


John who do you think the army is going to fire upon with a tank?  Do explain your scenario.  I have explained mine: the militia is a volunteer force that is there if the government cannot pay the military.  With the current plummeting government revenue, is it so hard to envision?  Still?


Does it ever occur to you that the militia is not stupid rednecks with shotguns?  That is a cartoon character or Hollywood figure.  In reality the militia is made up of people who are smarter than you and I are in many areas.



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