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I was out for a walk this morning and noticed two shops had opened: a pastry shop, a Starbucks and a dry cleaner.  There were two police cars sitting in the parking lot, watching as customers came in and out (plenty of them.)  I didn’t see anyone packing close.


This is an interesting development.  In California, the state government outranks the Fed, so by extension the city government outranks the state.  Clearly they aren’t stopping these donut shops from opening for business, along with at least one dry cleaner.  


I don’t really know what happens if a local shop declares itself an essential business, but I see three examples which have done so without consequence.  Perhaps they could accept the 50 dollar misdemeanor ticket then request a trial, which won’t be until after the quarantine, then just pay it at that time.  They are standing orders from the governor to shut down.  OK, so what if they defy that and stay open, then the local constables do nothing?



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