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The pastry shop and Starbucks may have figured out that they are arguably
"restaurants...for pickup/takeout only".  So long as customers do not
linger in the store after they have gotten their goods, the customers'
activity - and thus level of exposure - is the same.

Not sure about the dry cleaner's case.  Maybe some bankers view them as
essential support?  Or do they offer to clean PPE?

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> I was out for a walk this morning and noticed two shops had opened: a
> pastry shop, a Starbucks and a dry cleaner.  There were two police cars
> sitting in the parking lot, watching as customers came in and out (plenty
> of them.)  I didn’t see anyone packing close.
> This is an interesting development.  In California, the state government
> outranks the Fed, so by extension the city government outranks the state.
> Clearly they aren’t stopping these donut shops from opening for business,
> along with at least one dry cleaner.
> I don’t really know what happens if a local shop declares itself an
> essential business, but I see three examples which have done so without
> consequence.  Perhaps they could accept the 50 dollar misdemeanor ticket
> then request a trial, which won’t be until after the quarantine, then just
> pay it at that time.  They are standing orders from the governor to shut
> down.  OK, so what if they defy that and stay open, then the local
> constables do nothing?
> spike
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