[ExI] More deaths from COVID-19 than Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined

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I'll answer you, yes, I would.  Putting aside the political implications, I
believe states that have less population than others should still have
*some* influence on an election that avoids completely disregarding the
will of that state compared to others.  I'll remind you that the Federal
government does not have absolute authority over the states that have
agreed to be part of this republic, and neither do voters in other states.

California is still compensated for its larger population under the
electoral system which I'm sure you understand since you're probably
capable of a lot more advanced math than I am based on your posts where you
stick to science.

Do you also think that states with greater populations should have the same
number of US representatives as every other state?  Why should state
population be taken into account in Congress if it's not in the POTUS

I live in CT.  If I don't vote D, my vote is thrown away since this state
inexplicably runs blue despite a lot of wealth and is determined to self
destruct regardless of how bad it gets here.  I don't like this, but never
once have I thought I would shift to a popular vote model if given a
choice.   If things get beyond the point where I'm willing to put up with
them, I'll move to another state that has more of what I'm looking for.
 As Spike mentioned, it's one of the biggest strengths of our system of
government.   It's a n=50 lab for experimenting with policy.

For me, the electoral system is part of the genius of the system as it was
defined all those years ago.   I think popular vote would be disastrous for
the long term cohesion of this country.  As it is, we're hanging by a

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> I asked this of Spike now let me ask you, would you still be a big fan of
> the electoral college if California was as conservative as Wyoming and
> Wyoming as liberal as California? Would you still be saying the electoral
> college leads to better government if a liberal voter had 66.7 times as
> much influence over who the next commander in chief would be as a
> conservative voter?
> John K Clark
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