[ExI] More deaths from COVID-19 than Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined

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> > t*he US has never been a direct democracy. *

I know, it's never even been indirect democracy, its had that flaw from day

> Have you been lobbying your entire adult life to get rid of the electoral
> college

More than my adult life, I thought the electoral college was stupid from
the very first day I learned of its existence in my fifth grade civics
class, I kept asking my teacher to explain what the point of it was but I
didn't get a satisfactory answer, and I still haven't.

> or only when you get results out of it that you don't like?

I asked this of Spike now let me ask you, would you still be a big fan of
the electoral college if California was as conservative as Wyoming and
Wyoming as liberal as California? Would you still be saying the electoral
college leads to better government if a liberal voter had 66.7 times as
much influence over who the next commander in chief would be as a
conservative voter?

John K Clark
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