[ExI] More deaths from COVID-19 than Afghanistan and Iraq wars combined

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Are you originally from another country?  I ask because the US has never
been a direct democracy.  Have you been lobbying your entire adult life to
get rid of the electoral college or only when you get results out of it
that you don't like?  It's the United STATES of America BTW.   We are not
governed from the top outside of powers granted to the Federal government
explicitly by the Constitution.   We're also not governed by the direct
wishes of the unwashed masses in their entirety (which I would think you'd
be happy about with your disdain for most of them).   The US model is
shared sovereignty between individual states and the Feds.  It's a feature,
not a bug.

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> *> You do realize that the current POTUS is the legally-elected head of
>> the executive branch, ja?*
> Elected in an election with only 538 voters. I was not one of them and as
> far as I know neither was any member of this list.
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