[ExI] How many current members of ExI?

Jose Cordeiro jose_cordeiro at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 17 23:42:24 UTC 2020

Dear Spike and ExI friends,
     How are you doing? I am not a regular writer here, but I do try to read most messages since there are excellent contributions, and some people here that I admire and follow from many years!
     How many participants are there in the list now? I imagine most are like me, who do not participate actively?
     By the way, I am planning to organize the next TransVision conference in Madrid, during October 16-18, or later depending on the pandemic, and I would like to invite you all to come. It will be safe, fun, educational, and immortal, so kindly share with others too, and let me know if you can participate, please: https://www.transvisionmadrid.com/
     Finally, let me share with you my interview/article/profile in the latest issue of the Alcor Cryonics magazine, I hope that you have a few minutes to take a look and comment: Cryonics Magazine 2019

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Cryonics Magazine 2019




     Best of luck, keep safe, wash your hands, and welcome to Spain after the pandemic...
     Futuristically yours,

     La vie est belle!
Jose Cordeiro, MBA, PhD (www.cordeiro.org) 

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With the recent surge in chatter here, and since there aren’t that many of us left, I propose relaxing guidelines on number of posts per day.  We instituted that back in the 90s when there were a coupla hundred regular posters.  Now it is down to the usual suspects, about a dozen.  I propose we all just post away.


Stanford did a study which suggests there is waaaay more Covid-19 exposure than we previously thought.  My doctor contacted and wants me to come in for testing when the quarantine is over.





I was very sick in December with viral pneumonia and they didn’t know what it was.  I landed in the hospital.  It was most unpleasant, but afterwards I self-quarantined, a long time before anyone heard of Covid.  I assumed it was the worst damn flu I have ever had by an order of magnitude.  


We have a lot of regular travelers to and from China in the area.  In retrospect, it is very possible that I had Covid-19.  It took me four weeks to feel better, and about seven weeks before I really felt completely back to normal.  If so, it would agree with what Stanford U found.


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