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> Stanford did a study which suggests there is waaaay more Covid-19 exposure
> than we previously thought.  My doctor contacted and wants me to come in
> for testing when the quarantine is over.
> https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.14.20062463v1?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=be77753b5f9c509cb865d14fbdaf97eeb78e11d5-1587139595-0-AWIUFx6wN0uXOvkl2GvKJJc-Ig8sPLjxRzO454lTi9KpWYjKbxnVGQzEHGD9bYZUKYUUOdrfRQ_wQREzNDVmpdEWVIZYt6UTI9m_LD7byikYQA-loXE677ZRO1gHfKAz7mccB9JD5q3Y8YVehLtYCxNulZzxgq75-rzgoHZ2Heyj5PDAftyTcJ9j-gS_9XvqhP1w_lcrCrvVy9EM4vDfOYSqAiDYODT4O2PXN776dtAuibDok5gMCdzZYcCoRi69cdjoFoqV7X4-dhUOTFhjUA5EzGIOpkN7fsqrkufnBv0pOXqb3nOUoVRFDs5ZdBzO9w_yicdwyhIdvht3lBZyMgA

### 50 - 85 times more previously undetected mild cases than known
confirmed cases!

That brings the CFR into the flu range.

Trillions of dollars down the drain and civil liberties under siege, all
for a bad flu.


> I was very sick in December with viral pneumonia and they didn’t know what
> it was.  I landed in the hospital.  It was most unpleasant, but afterwards
> I self-quarantined, a long time before anyone heard of Covid.  I assumed it
> was the worst damn flu I have ever had by an order of magnitude.

### I am glad you made it!

My Nebula Genomics reports show that I don't have most of the polymorphisms
that are protective against severe SARS infection. I wonder if my minor
cough a few weeks ago was the Wuflu or just my ACE inhibitor acting up.

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