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Spike, I have a similar story that I shared with another list prior to any
mention of CV-19 in the US.   I had an extremely virulent viral respiratory
infection (quick tested negative for flu) in mid January (I am exposed to
NYC a lot and commute there as well from CT).   After it getting worse and
worse over the course of a week and a cough that resulted in a cracked rib
due to its severity, I drove myself to the ER when I felt like something
was wrong with my oxygen levels.   It turned out I was right, and ended up
on O2, nebulizers, and IV steroids.  CT scan was negative for visible
pneumonia, but my lymphocytes were extremely low on intake bloodwork (a
calling card of CV-19, although in fairness, it's possible a different
virus could do the same).   I was finally able to get my O2 levels up to
normal after a day in the ER after begging the doc not to admit me (he was
planning on it, and only let me out after my O2 came back).   After a week
on oral steroids, I finally started to feel a great deal better, but it
took me around 3 weeks for full recovery, and I had a chronic cough for
months afterwards.

I can't remember ever getting a severe flu, and tend to not get respiratory
infections at all.  This was like nothing I've ever experienced.

I would love to get an ELISA done (or other serological test) to see if I
am running an antibody titre but that possibility seems slim right now.

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> With the recent surge in chatter here, and since there aren’t that many of
> us left, I propose relaxing guidelines on number of posts per day.  We
> instituted that back in the 90s when there were a coupla hundred regular
> posters.  Now it is down to the usual suspects, about a dozen.  I propose
> we all just post away.
> Stanford did a study which suggests there is waaaay more Covid-19 exposure
> than we previously thought.  My doctor contacted and wants me to come in
> for testing when the quarantine is over.
> https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2020.04.14.20062463v1?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=be77753b5f9c509cb865d14fbdaf97eeb78e11d5-1587139595-0-AWIUFx6wN0uXOvkl2GvKJJc-Ig8sPLjxRzO454lTi9KpWYjKbxnVGQzEHGD9bYZUKYUUOdrfRQ_wQREzNDVmpdEWVIZYt6UTI9m_LD7byikYQA-loXE677ZRO1gHfKAz7mccB9JD5q3Y8YVehLtYCxNulZzxgq75-rzgoHZ2Heyj5PDAftyTcJ9j-gS_9XvqhP1w_lcrCrvVy9EM4vDfOYSqAiDYODT4O2PXN776dtAuibDok5gMCdzZYcCoRi69cdjoFoqV7X4-dhUOTFhjUA5EzGIOpkN7fsqrkufnBv0pOXqb3nOUoVRFDs5ZdBzO9w_yicdwyhIdvht3lBZyMgA
> I was very sick in December with viral pneumonia and they didn’t know what
> it was.  I landed in the hospital.  It was most unpleasant, but afterwards
> I self-quarantined, a long time before anyone heard of Covid.  I assumed it
> was the worst damn flu I have ever had by an order of magnitude.
> We have a lot of regular travelers to and from China in the area.  In
> retrospect, it is very possible that I had Covid-19.  It took me four weeks
> to feel better, and about seven weeks before I really felt completely back
> to normal.  If so, it would agree with what Stanford U found.
> spike
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