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With the recent surge in chatter here, and since there aren’t that many of us left, I propose relaxing guidelines on number of posts per day.  We instituted that back in the 90s when there were a coupla hundred regular posters.  Now it is down to the usual suspects, about a dozen.  I propose we all just post away.


Stanford did a study which suggests there is waaaay more Covid-19 exposure than we previously thought.  My doctor contacted and wants me to come in for testing when the quarantine is over.




I was very sick in December with viral pneumonia and they didn’t know what it was.  I landed in the hospital.  It was most unpleasant, but afterwards I self-quarantined, a long time before anyone heard of Covid.  I assumed it was the worst damn flu I have ever had by an order of magnitude.  


We have a lot of regular travelers to and from China in the area.  In retrospect, it is very possible that I had Covid-19.  It took me four weeks to feel better, and about seven weeks before I really felt completely back to normal.  If so, it would agree with what Stanford U found.



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