[ExI] More Americans died of COVID-19 than died in battle in Korea

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>…I have to agree. 


>…If I want to compare the deaths, a quick google search for the pandemic news will make the same comparison for me. 


>…I’m sure all of us know the counts in our own country.

SR Ballard

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>>John - who are you talking to?  Is someone advocating that that I missed?  Personally I wish you would stop sending us the counts.  But you can't, can you?  You just cannot control it.  bill w 




Ja.  What we need are not total counts by country; that is not actionable data.  But comparisons between Sweden (with the much more open-minded approach) to their neighbors is very valuable data.


We already know that the virus cannot be stopped by national borders.  Everyone everywhere travels.  Even North Korea and the remote tribes are getting it.  If I had C-19 in December I already know where I might have caught it: one of the scout parents is a stewardess who routinely travels to China (used to.)  We were doing Boards of Review in December.  If it turns out that 60% of the cases have few or now symptoms, that theory is plausible.


A more useful data point would be the ratio of new cases each day to the number of existing cases sorted by country.  


The US should be broken down by state.  Reason: in the US, regardless of the opinion of the federal government, the states make the call on what gets shut down and what can stay open.  That system allows data comparison, invites it.  It is one of the many reasons why state governments are so valuable and why the US system works so well: it protects minority rights, such as those sparse and sturdy inhabitants of Wyoming, who have been practicing social distancing since at least 1979 which was the last time I drove thru there. 





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