[ExI] How email works; was: More Americans died of COVID-19

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 12:04:03 UTC 2020

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> *John K Clark, do you understand how email works?*


* > Did you know that your replies are automatically placed underneath my
> own writing by my mail program?*

My mail program works the same way, they all do, but I have enough brains
to know how to override it, I'm not bragging because it doesn't take much

> *Did you know it actually takes more energy for me to remove them,*

If I had  enough energy to write a long post about another post that I
thought was absolutely worthless then I'd sure as hell find the energy to
remove the aforementioned worthless post so it's not repeated in a nest of
endless iterations.

Or at least that's what I think I'd do, but to tell the truth in the
quarter century I've been on this list I can't recall ever writing a long
post asking another poster not to ever write a post like the one he just
wrote again.

 John K Clark
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