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I was about to reply to John but I had the revelation that it will just make him post more.


SR I for one am glad you are here--not just because of the little female representation here, but because of the little YOUNG representation here.  I am 28 next month and sometimes I feel like a fetus round these parts



>…Haha, I remember how shocked I was to learn how old you are! I’m 26. 


>…It’s sad to me that there are so few 20-35 y/o people on the list, but I think it might be a function of the list being an email list. I think the majority of people in this age group would probably not even know what an email list is. Just like the lack of understanding about IRC. 


>…Speaking of being young, I got engaged recently, and we’re planning on getting married around Feb 22 in/around SATX, depending on work, money, Covid, etc. Keep you updated. 





Good for you SR.  My bride and I had already been married ten years before you were born.  It has worked out extremely well for us.  Best wishes to you.


Another email group I was on tried to go over to another medium besides email, but it generally didn’t work out.






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