[ExI] How many current members of ExI?

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>...Strong beliefs (including atheism) come before rational thought and are much more powerful than rational thought. So there's no way to talk atheists or believers out of their convictions, and discussions are much more likely to end in name calling than in mutual understanding. Therefore I think atheists and believers should focus on points of agreement and constructive collaboration. Like you say, cryonics is good regardless of whether you believe or not. Also scientific progress, space exploration etc... Giulio

Well said Giulio.  I pointed out to one of my true believer friends: cryonics is different from religion in that it does not matter at all what you believe.  If it works it will work regardless.  Then you might be one of the few believers who have a chance to influence the far future.

Regarding your comment about strong beliefs being more powerful than rational thought: my own experience in life was reading Darwin and being convinced he was right with no external real-time influences at all.  I spoke to no one about it.  I am and always have been an observer of nature.  As soon as I learned of the evolution paradigm, I looked around and realized there are tall mountains of evidence everywhere one looks.  It is impossible to look anywhere and not notice clear evidence of evolution.

I was convinced against my will but convinced just the same.



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