[ExI] How email works; was: More Americans died of COVID-19

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Then I went on moderation, but I never knew why - suspect it was a computer issue, not something I said. That disappeared only recently.

This can be a most interesting list, but lately it's not so much, it's just diatribe after diatribe.  I'm right tired of it too.


MB we had a hell of a problem with the flimsy excuse for a company which hosted our ExI server for a long time wouldn't play nice with the other servers.  It would cause bounces for some reason which would cause the moderator flag to be automatically set.  If I didn't notice it, and the person didn't say anything, it wouldn't get fixed.  We wondered what happened to you.

Do post and ask if you are on moderation: recently I went thru and reset a bunch of moderation flags which were set because of access bounces.  The current server appears to be more cooperative and friendly.  My warm thanks goes to John Kloz who paid for that and did all the work to make it happen.

I have only intentionally moderated one person in the past 15 yrs and that lasted only 4 hrs.  We like to have an open forum, even recognizing that outlook has its price.  Everyone has the option to filter any one user.  I don't have that option because I agreed with Max to be the hapless prole tasked with pouring water on the grass fires, oy vey.


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