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Sun Apr 19 16:18:18 UTC 2020

> How did you find us? spike

I think that’s actually sort of funny story! 

So growing up I used to build computers from ones we found in the trash, because we were too poor to buy computers but both thought they were cool. We started with Win 3.1 (who remember that monstrosity?) but picked up a Win95 unlimited boot disk at a garage sale when Win98 came out and so spend most of when I saw a kid tinkering with computers and (mostly) getting them to work.

After watching the Matrix, I became pretty interested in the idea of what hacking was and how it worked. The idea of computer hacking actually wasn’t all that interesting to me, but it did lead me to something that I still find interesting, which is roof and tunnel hacking, and by extension Urbex.

YouTube was still young then, but I was binging videos related to that, then one of the suggested videos was about this: 


Perhaps not her specifically, but it was a woman who did this. I was so jealous. I wanted a magnet!

And in her talk, she names a group of people who think biohacking is a cool thing to do: transhumanists. So I looked around and found Humanity+ by our own Natasha Vita-More, who linked to the Institute page, which linked to the mail list. 

So I joined sometime 2010-2013, and made like... 1 post then, and was totally shot down at the time (I forget what it was, I just remember how I felt) and kept reading but didn’t post again for what, maybe 5 years?

So yeah, I joined somewhere between grade ten and the first time I dropped out of college. 

SR Ballard
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