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Ben Zaiboc ben at zaiboc.net
Sun Apr 19 16:30:42 UTC 2020

On 19/04/2020 12:51, MB wrote:
> This can be a most interesting list, but lately it's not so much, it's
> just diatribe after diatribe.  I'm right tired of it too.

Glad your moderation has ended.

I agree with you, but there are interesting posts and there are tiresome 
posts, always.

I'd suggest doing what I do, and delete or ignore the tiresome ones. I 
get the email digests, and sometimes I delete entire digests because 
every single post is about american politics, gun ownership, 'philosophy 
of mind' (when I'm not in the mood for levity), etc. But I've rarely 
seriously considered unsubscribing (well, only during the run-up to 
american presidential election time, and I realise the best thing, for 
people like myself, is to just ignore the list for a while, until sanity 
prevails again).

This is the main reason I'm keen on Subject-line discipline, as often a 
thread that starts out as something like "Cryonics membership" ends up 
being an argument about american senators and their religious 
convictions, or some such, with the same subject line.

Another point is, the same person can emit both interesting/intelligent 
posts and tiresome/ranty ones. Very few posters here are all one or the 

It's worth sticking with it, in my humble opinion.

Ben Zaiboc

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